I'm Chester Chipperfield, a Creative Director based in San Francisco and London.

I have worked as the Global Creative Director at Tesla, Head of Special Projects for Apple, and VP of Digital Design for Burberry.

I’m a part of the founding team of Fabric and Juno, and I advise a number of startups.

I work with small creative teams around the world such as Berger & Föhr, Manual and Engraff and early stage VC's such as YesVC.

You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn or chesterchipperfield@gmail.com

Companies I have worked for:

Companies I have co-founded:

Companies I advise and invest in:

Juno - Co-founder

Overseeing User Experience, Art Direction, Brand and all other outward facing aspects of the company.

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Sonic Sphere @ The Shed

Design Director for the 11th iteration of the Sonic Sphere

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Tesla Global Creative Director

Responsible for all customer facing visual elements of the company including store design, tesla.com, art direction, partnerships, merchandise, brand and communication globally. Collaborated on in car UI and the Tesla App. Worked closely with engineering teams on various projects both public and unannounced

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Apple Head of Special Projects

Part of a small team overseeing all aspects of Apple Watch (including Product Development, UI, Hardware, and Marketing). I interacted closely with the ID, HI, Product Design, Marcom, Operations, Retail and Channel teams. Also involved in various confidential future projects.

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Boom Supersonic Creative Director

Creative Director, working on all design elements, including industrial design, brand design and direction, exterior loft, interior design and art direction

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Cabin Creative Direction and Industrial Design

Industrial design and creative direction for Cabin on their new generation interior

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Burberry / VP Digital and Interactive Design

I ran the Digital Design, Experience Design, UI, UX, and Platform Design teams, growing the digital department from 5 to 65 people over 4 years. Responsible for the design and direction of all owned platforms, as well as campaigns, product launches and retail. I was responsible for the company’s vision of the future of retail, being the strategic and creative lead on the Regent Street flagship store.

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Stool no.1

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of designers in the world since Covid-19. We need to do better, to think harder, and push ourselves into a new way of approaching projects. We are spoilt without supply chains, with the availability of any material we want. We don’t care enough about where these things come from, or how our products are finally shipped. I gave myself a brief of designing more with less, 3 materials (OSB, glue, and paint) to create a product and its packaging.

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Ursa Major - Creative Direction

Creative direction for a new breed of rocket engine

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Robot Heart, Burning Man

A new ‘back of the bus’ artwork for Burning Man 2019 Materials: PVC, Spandex

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You can get in touch with me at chesterchipperfield@gmail.com, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram